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The investment for the one day training is Rs 9,000 only AND it is MQA approved! Up to 60% HRDC refund (conditions apply).


Big thanks to the participants who joined our previous sessions on the 27th of February and 28th of March! 

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Welcome to online marketing


Tea Break

Build your online marketing strategy - Search

Search campaign hierarchy
How to create keywords lists, ad groups and ads
Do's and don'ts






Build your online marketing strategy - Display

Display campaign fundamentals
Display campaign options
How to create banners that convert
Do's and don'ts

Tea Break



Build your online marketing strategy - Social Media

Available social media channels
Examples and review of real ads


Build your online marketing strategy - Email

Email marketing fundamentals
Email marketing - the moving hook or how to make people react to your email



16:45 - 17:00

Online Marketing Fundamentals

  • Mrs. Emilie Oogarah, Marketing & Communication Manager
    Online Marketing Fundamentals, March 2018
    Le rythme. Le fait qu'il soit complet et captivant. La promesse de l'intitulé est tenue. Il n'y a pas eu de temps mort. Les différents sujets ont été abordés d'une façon relativement complète.

  • Mrs. Gulshanya Rughoo-Bokhoree, Category Officer
    Online Marketing Fundamentals, March 2018
    Informative & instructive. Learnt loads on the subject matter: social media. The trainer was very dynamic and knowledgeable. She was very active and fluent. Mastering her subject with ease. Very versed with the whole subject and affiliate (related) matters and topics.

  • Mr. Sachin Sooknah, Marketing Intelligence & Planning Officer
    Online Marketing Fundamentals, March 2018
    Everything was just great. Straight to the point and recalling obvious important points that are often disregarded. Specific, precise. Just like a road map! Good participation rate, Thanks to Chen."

  • Mrs. Melanie Faugier, Managing Director
    Online Marketing Fundamentals, February 2018
    Goes to the point - Very clear - Uses real examples - Dynamic speaking. Chen is very competent in the field.

  • Mrs. Sweeta Anuchka Bijlall, Reservation Officer
    Online Marketing Fundamentals, February 2018
    Very informative, cover all the main topics of online marketing.
    Interesting and well prepared by the trainer.

  • Mrs. Nathasia Marie, Marketing & Communication Executive
    Online Marketing Fundamentals, March 2018
    The trainer knows very well her subjects. There are real examples and go-through steps of how to do online marketing.

  • Mr. Hemant Kumar Gujadhur, CEO, Globalsports Ltd
    Online Marketing Fundamentals, February 2018
    Extremely relevant for my business. Chen was very friendly and interactive; She is definitely extremely knowledgeable in this field.

  • Mr. Mohammad Salman Ibrahim Hatteea, Business Development Executive, Stanhope Corporate and Management Services Ltd.
    Online Marketing Fundamentals, February 2018
    The training was a really interactive one and not boring at all. The trainer is really well versed to the topic and am sure that I can put the training into action to the benefit of my company. The trainer knows her topic on her finger's tip. Very interactive.

  • Miss Zohra Oozeer, Assistant Sales and Marketing Consultant
    Online Marketing Fundamentals, February 2018
    Everything was fruitful and I've learnt so much things in only one day. Good interaction, great work!

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Online Marketing 

  • This one day workshop will captivate and take you into the world of online marketing



What is online marketing?

How to build a strategy that works for your business? 

How to create and execute successful campaigns in an ever changing environment like the Internet?

are just some of the questions that will be answered. 


What are the main pillars of online marketing
How and why plan a mixed strategy for your business

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